Secret Chamber of the Heart

When she is ready the soul may receive the testing of the Inner Buddha and the Inner Christ in the Eighth Ray chakra, the antechamber of the twelve-petaled heart chakra, where the threefold flame burns on the altar and the Inner Buddha is Guru and the Inner Christ is High Priest. - Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Pearls of Wisdom

Ray: Eighth
Color: Peach (golden-pink)
Petals: 8
God Quality: Breath of Life
Chohan: Maha Chohan
Archangel: Uzziel
Gemstone and crystal: Diamond, Topaz, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Pink Beryl, Pearl
Musical Instrument: Unknown
Retreat: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Gifts: All nine gifts of the Holy Spirit

Hidden within the heart is a sacred space where all the secrets of Self reside. While many have searched for it only the pure in heart find it. All mystics and saints have discovered it. When you ask them what is inside this space they each have the same reply: "Everything is in there, the whole of heaven and earth."

The heart has a second chakra inside of it called the secret chamber of the heart or the Eighth Ray Chakra. Hindus call it Ananda-Kanda ("root of bliss"). Some people think of it as their inner sanctuary or inner altar. This is where your Holy Christ Self lives. When you and God talk privately with one another this is where you are seated.

The color of this chakra is peach (golden pink) and the qualities streaming in the ray are comfort, bliss, enlightenment and breath. The sacred flame of the heart, called the threefold flame, is also located here. This flame is your connection to God.

The Chohan of the Eighth Ray is the Maha Chohan. He is the representative of the Holy Spirit and the director of the Seven Chohans of the Rays. His initiations teach you how to balance and integrate all of the rays. This requires a great deal of self-discipline and self-mastery to accomplish. The Maha Chohan's retreat, called the Temple of Comfort, is located above Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). The flame of the Holy Spirit and the flame of Comfort are anchored here. Assisting the Maha Chohan with your initiations is Archangel Uzziel. Together, they guide you in your meditations on the heart.

Prayer: Beloved Maha Chohan, I call to the Holy angels of God to escort me to your etheric retreat to prepare me, along with the seven chohans of the rays, for the initiations to receive the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. Help me at each crossroad in my life to remember to pause for a moment and to make the call, "Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten me." Amen.