At each chakra, we have the opportunity to master another dimension of energy and thereby gain another level of awareness, insight and personal power. - Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia R. Spadaro, Your Seven Energy Centers
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The light-energy that flows to you from God is focused in the body through the chakras. They act like a network regulating and distributing the light-energy. When they are purified and balanced the chakras begin to spin and radiate one of the colors of the seven rays. If the flow of the light-energy in any chakra is blocked or obstructed the chakra can't spin. This can cause fatigue and emotional or physical illnesses if not corrected.

You also use your chakras to send light-energy. How you qualify the light through each center has a major affect on your physical and spiritual well-being. When you send the light out as positive energy you make good karma. But, if you qualify it with negative energy you make bad karma. The chakras are one of the ways the masters and the Chohans initiate you. They test you to see how you use the light-energy of the seven rays through each one.

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