Base-of-the-Spine Chakra

Why separate your spiritual life and your practical life?
To an integral being, there is no such distinction. - Lao Tzu

Ray: Fourth
Color: White
Petals: 4
God Quality: Purity
Chohan: Serapis Bey
Archangel: Gabriel
Gemstone and crystal: Diamond, Pearl, Zircon, Quartz crystal
Musical Instrument: Drum, tabla
Retreat: Luxor, Egypt
Gifts: Working of miracles
Day: Friday

The base-of-the-spine chakra (base chakra) is the root chakra and the focus of the white ray (the Mother light and sacred fire), also called the Kundalini. The light of the Kundalini is tremendously powerful and meant to be raised up the spinal column. As it rises it nourishes and awakens each chakra. When the wheel of the chakra starts to spin it radiates one of the colors of the seven rays that it corresponds with. A pure strong emanation reflects a balanced flow of energy. If the emanation is weak, dull or cloudy it means the flow of energy is blocked or obstructed. The color changes and the chakra can't spin.

How you raise the light of the Kundalini is important. The masters say we should not try to force it awake or use tantric sex methods. These activities can be dangerous because you run the risk of getting stuck in the lower chakras. They suggest first purifying the chakras and following a path of prayer, devotion and service as the safest way.

Once you begin to master the light-energy of the white ray in the base chakra your approach to life takes on new meaning. You quickly realize that it takes discipline and commitment to walk the sacred path. When you conserve the light-energy you have a greater reservoir of personal power at your disposal. You're more responsible and practical in your daily affairs and it's easier to go with the flow because you feel complete, whole and in harmony with life.

If you have a lot of anger, pent-up aggression, or feel like your life is in chaos and that you are always the victim if something goes wrong, these are signs the chakra needs healing and balancing. You might start by gaining control over an area of your life that needs your attention. Use the violet flame (which we will discuss later). Change your diet, eat less sugar and avoid alcohol. Prayer and meditation are also highly recommended.

Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the white ray (Fourth Ray). He teaches the path of the ascension which leads to the soul's final reunion with God. This takes a great deal of God-mastery to achieve. How you use the light-energy in the base chakra determines whether or not you will make it.

At the retreat of the Ascension Temple located in the etheric plane at Luxor, Egypt you learn the art of self-discipline. Your tests are personally designed to help you balance the karma that has been assigned to you for this lifetime. This is how you free your soul to come up higher in the light. Assisting Serapis Bey with your initiations is Archangel Gabriel. He helps you to master the white ray qualities of purity, order, joy and discipline.

Prayer: Beloved Serapis Bey, I call to the angels to take me to your etheric retreat tonight to learn the art of self-discipline and what I need to do to make my ascension. During the day, I ask to remember everything I have been taught. Amen.